Learn about interview questions and interview process for 124 companies. Take and record temperatures of food and food storage areas. View all Kitchen Assistant jobs on Jobted UK. *Stocked shelves, Cook A supply chain is a complex system with conflicting objectives of cost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Cook breakfast and lunch for the children pack lunch for field troops bake cookies clean kitchen and cafeteria wash dishes. Followed OSHA and mandated safety guidelines when handling all related utensils for food preparation and cutlery. Kitchen assistants also work with meat, seafood, and poultry, doing everything from plucking the feathers from poultry, to cutting a steak or gutting a fish before the chef further prepares it. Reading, writing, and verbal communication. Adhered to all state and federal food service guidelines. You will understand why the choices you make have been predestined. This broad skill includes a variety of smaller skills, including knife and tasting skills. ordered and received supplies.Accomplishmentsreceived a raise for being very knowledge of my responsibilities.Skills Usedreliable, hard worker, very dependable, Washed dishes and kept area clean; promoted to cook for being hard worker. Cleaned and polished counters, shelves, walls, furniture and equipment in food service areas. Duties listed on sample resumes of Kitchen Assistants include making sure the kitchen is clean and organized; receiving and inspecting inventory; preparing ingredients in advance so they are readily available for daily recipes; and stocking products on the shelves. Help put away stock, sweep and mop floors, sanitize equipment. Designated tasks based upon time Instead, they know him as the brash, sometimes verbally abusive chef on Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. Worked as part of a team with customer service, food preparation, fulfillment and delivery of orders. Bused tables, and helped to prep food by cutting vegetables or assisting with the cooking process. Working under the guidance of a kitchen supervisor or chef de partie, your job is to ensure that the kitchen is clean and operational. A good kitchen assistant should possess the following skills: Experience, constant practice and a desire to improve are the key ingredients that will help a kitchen assistant or commis chef progress through the ranks of the kitchen brigade. Maintained kitchen work areas and restaurant equipment. Trained in cleaning equipment and opening and shutting down the kitchen. Working as a kitchen assistant requires a wide range of skills and knowledge, including food preparation and cooking techniques, the use and maintenance of cooking equipment and utensils, decorating and garnishing techniques, and storage standards for raw ingredients and foods that are susceptible to spoilage. Cleaned dishes and Wiped down kitchen surfaces using proper sanitizers. Sweep, mop, and vacuum the dining room area as well as the restrooms. Cleaned tables and stock supplies.AccomplishmentsI enjoy children. Bus tables food prep and dishwasher and cook. Assisted in maintaining the preparation and service areas in sanitary conditions. Wash dishes, Stocked shelves, clean dining area and kitchen, prepared food, temperature logs. Put away food, clean kitchen, make desserts. Make special salads, clean and detail kitchen equipment. Delegated tasks to personnel to provide efficient and quality customer service. Washed work tables, walls, refrigerators, and meat blocks. Most kitchen assistants do prep work for a kitchen, clean equipment and surfaces and occasionally serve the food directly to the customers. Kitchen Assistants perform basic food preparation and ensure that chefs have everything they need to do their jobs. Demonstrated customer services skills by promptly providing information and assistance. assist kitchen chef to prep food for 100 + woman and dish washer, help prep food - serve residents - clean up and do dishes, Maintained a clean environment to prep food There is surmounting global pressure for corporate responsibility to transcend product quality and extend to areas of labor standards, health... Master Supply Chain Management and Product and Service Development in Manufacturing and Service Organizations... Food access: Learn about food supply and food security Have you ever considered that you’re not the only one who decides what food ends up on your plate? Worked in a kitchen environment making food cleaning kitchen utensils and running orders. Prepaired food and cleaned kitchen equipment. Performed duties to maintain kitchen work areas, including restaurant equipment, and cleaned utensils in an orderly condition. Sound knowledge of food health and safety regulations. Maintained kitchen workareas, equipment, and utensils in clean and orderly condition. So you’d need to … Use of various kitchen utensils and equipment. This will affect the vision of the costumer towards their work. Cook all vegetables and ensure food line is correct temperature and satisfactory to public. Served food to customers while utilizing friendly customer service, and provide a trustworthy environment for customers and fellow employees. Helped in preparing a variety of dishes including the salad bar for breakfast and lunch. The principal duties of a kitchen assistant in a restaurant kitchen include undertaking food preparation tasks, as directed by the head chef or chefs de partie, preparing ingredients, cleaning vegetables, preparing simple dishes, observing correct cooking times and temperatures, using cooking equipment, utensils and machinery (e.g. Cashier checking students in food line for payment of meals. Clean up kitchen, service areas and equipment. Prepped ingredients, and food serving stations following food safety procedures. Wash worktables, walls, refrige rators, and meat blocks. Help in kitchen, Wash dishes, clean kitchen at closing, and assist with additional tasks as needed. Provided customer service by voluntarily assisting customers in transporting food to their vehicle. Communicated merchandise needs and issues to appropriate supervisors in a timely fashion. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. The kitchen of a large restaurant can be a very competitive environment, but those who show they have what it takes can expect to rise up the ranks to positions such as chef de partie, sous chef, chef de cuisine or executive chef. Placed clean dishes, utensils, and cooking equipment in storage areas to be ready for next usage. can help everybody Inspected dining room areas for tidiness, cleanliness, and proper stocking of supplies. The most important hard skill chefs need is an ability to cook, as well as knowledge of the kitchen. Cleaned dining room and set up the tables Line cook / food preparation work with raw and cooked food and prepare take out orders, Cleaned Dishes and performed various kitchen duties, including sweeping, waste management and food preparation. Washed work tables, walls, refrigerators, and meat slicer. Sorted and removed trash, placing it in designated pickup areas. Communication Skills for Chefs: How Can You Communicate Effectively in the Kitchen? Bus tables, clean and reset - Kitchen Assistant. General sanitary cleaning of all kitchen equipment and surfaces. Food and Customer Service Skills Training, Fundamentals of Logistics, Supply Chain & Customer Service, Sustainable Agri-food Supply Chain Management, Operations Management: Supply Chains, Products and Services, The Ultimate Food and Restaurant Business Course, Master Control in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Home Made: How To Start A Home-Based Food Business, Food Photography: Capturing Food in Your Kitchen, Operations Management: Supply Chain Management, Meal Planning Masterclass: Create Your Own Meal Plan, Indian Culinary World - Master the art of Indian Cooking. Maintain a positive attitude despite stressful circumstances. Greet and direct guests, bus tables, restock coolers, refill condiments, empty trash containers. Sorted and removed trash to designated pickup areas. Starting out as a kitchen helper is an excellent route into the restaurant business that will enable aspiring chefs to gain an awareness of how professional kitchens work and acquire invaluable professional experience. The ability to stand for extended periods. Promoted great communication skill with residents Built sustainable relationships with residents to better understand needs. Similarly, in smaller establishments, there may be some overlap between the job of kitchen assistant and that of kitchen porter (also known as a ‘kitchen hand’). surfaces. Prepare and clean all utensils needed for airline food preparation and sometimes help kitchen staff as needed. Helped dish up trays, serve residents in dining room, wash trays and other kitchen equipment. Provided excellent customer service, ensuring every customer felt comfortable and assisted. used and properly cared for knives and kitchen equipment. Provided general customer service, prepared orders, and delivered orders on campus. Maintaining the kitchen equipment, utensils and machinery. Stack and store food supplies, equipment, or other utensils in the kitchen Utilized and implemented Pizza Hut food preparation procedures. They work in close contact with the head chef, sous chef and the chefs de partie and assist them by performing a range of food preparation tasks. *Wipe down kitchen surfaces using proper sanitizers. Prepared food and provided exceptional customer service to patrons. Kitchen Assistants work under the supervision of cooks and are responsible for basic food preparation and cleaning. Waited tables to provide excellent customer service, as well as serving in the position of Hostess. Logistics and supply chain structures can be found in virtually any system. Top Kitchen Helper Skills. Kitchen assistants are sometimes also responsible for restocking the store room and cold room in accordance with the chef’s instructions, for bringing ingredients into the kitchen and for ensuring food is packed and stored in accordance with all applicable food hygiene and safety regulations. Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment Prepared nutritional and balanced meals Catering assistants help provide nutritious, balanced and value-for-money meals to children every lunchtime under the direction of the head cook or catering manager. Skills Used Preparing food for pupils who have special dietary requirements. Measured and assembled ingredients for menu items. Where this is the case, the kitchen assistant will follow the orders of a chef de partie (also known as a ‘station chef’ or ‘line chef’) and may specialize in a particular type of dish (e.g. Job includes volunteering to prepare menu items for fundraising breakfasts, lunches, According to some, meat needs to be cooked well to prevent food-borne illness while others warn not to heat food to prevent the formation of poisonous substances. Cook food, clean kitchen, aid teachers, watch over and instruct children, janitorial work. Cleaned work areas, kitchen tools, equipment, dishes and utensils to meet sanitation and health standards. Operated commercial dishwasher to sanitize cooking utensils and dishes. Restocked kitchen supplies, rotated food, cleaned food preparation equipment, work areas, and counters or tables. In this environmental studies course, you’ll explore how key actors at household, local, national and international levels negotiate and make choices on access to food. Wash and sanitize all kitchen dishes and utensils before maintain cleanliness around working area. Assisted Cook with orders, helped with meal preparation as well as cooking. Keep storage areas and carts well stocked, clean, and orderly. Fed students and the homeless; set up dining room area. Cleaned kitchen equipment and maintain food areas, the utensils, and various cooking surfaces. Welcome to Supply Chain Analytics - the art and science of applying data analytics to assess and improve supply chain performance! Cook, Janitorial DutiesLOVED THE JOB POSITION, IM A TEAM PLAYER, HARD WORKER, ALWAYS ON TIME. Prepare food for catering events and make food trays. Greeted and processed orders for customer orders in store. Job Description: Assistant Cook & Kitchen Assistant Qualifications: Good work ethic. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Maintained the stock and cleanliness of food line. Serve food or beverages to patrons, and prepare or serve specialty dishes at tables as required. Wash dishes, stock shelves, clean kitchen area, Prepare hot food and clean kitchen and eating area. them in designated containers. Checked and cleaned the kitchen in accordance with local health regulations. Maintain a clean and sanitized work environment Maintained excellent communication with co-workers ensuring quick and accurate order preparation. Prepare food according to menu for 100_500 people ensuring quality and food safety. Tasks and duties. Stock freezer and merchandise on shelves and storage areas. Performed any combination of following duties to maintain You’d be responsible for keeping the kitchen clean. Processed, packed and shipped food; made stuffing that goes into crab; cleaned and sanitized food preparation area. Proven experience assisting in kitchens. Demand for kitchen staff varies depending on the time of year, with peaks when restaurants and hotels in tourist locations are recruiting their seasonal personnel. Break down kitchen equipment at night for closing. Cooked beef and chicken, used industrial deep fryer, and regulate and prepare foods at proper temperatures. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired. Clean drains, pipes and other machines (polish) Food safety. Want to know more? Professional Profile. Maintained, cleaned, and organized kitchen work areas, restaurant equipment and utensils. Working as a kitchen assistant requires a wide range of skills and knowledge, including food preparation and cooking techniques, the use and maintenance of cooking equipment and utensils, decorating and garnishing techniques, and storage standards for raw ingredients and foods that are susceptible to spoilage. Work with team members to prep food, Wash dishes, and light Janitorial work. maintain the kitchen area always clean Stock supplies,in serving stations, Sweep and mopped floors. Experienced Kitchen Assistant who is well-versed in the local health code regulations. Ensured kitchen work areas/equipment/tools were cleaned and in orderly condition. Attention to Detail - Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks. I adore making meals for people and keeping a place slick and span. bus tables, prep dining area, prep food and cook, maintain kitchen area. Maintained enthusiastic and positive attitude. Created traditional francophone cuisine for 80 summer campers Organized and stocked deep freezers and storage areas in a structured way for easy retrieval. Maintained a clean work station, food prep area and cooking surfaces. Properly trained in disposal of food waste, capable of cleaning kitchens and experience prepping meals early in the morning. Keep orders coming in and going out in a timely fashion. Assist with autisic children and behavior children with needs and communication skills while serving meals. Kitchen assistants are in demand more or less everywhere, meaning you can find work close to home, in your own town or city, or alternatively, take the opportunity to travel and work as a kitchen assistant in a holiday resort or on a cruise ship. Wipe amd wash work tables, cutting blocks, boards, refrigerator, wall and other In some kitchens, you may also be involved in preparing ingredients, so it’s a great stepping stone to becoming a chef. Help setup for banquet,prep food,made sure kitchen area was clean at all time. Dried and shelved the dishes and put the utensils in their proper place once clean. Wash dishes, clean kitchen areas, rotate stock in cooler and freezer, other duties as assigned. Maintain well-cleaned kitchen utensils, dishes, tables and refrigerators according to health guidelines. Washed plates, pots, pans, silverware, glassware and all kitchen utensils. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of kitchen helper resumes they appeared on. Entrusted with running the commercial dishwasher, cleaning of kitchen surfaces and meal delivery. Kitchen assistants (kitchen helpers) are part of the kitchen staff in a restaurant. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Kitchen Helper resumes they appeared on. Ensured a constant environment of excellent customer service to guarantee repeated patronage. They must be flexible in doing the task that the chef has given to them. Set up cafeteria lines with different concepts and displayed cooking stations for meal service. Free of communicable illness. Transfer supplies and equipment, sweep and mop floors, and all other duties assigned. Served customers, cleaned Kitchen equipment I.E Rotisserie oven, steamer, hot case. Aided in preparation and serving of meals to residents, also cleaning after meal services. Volunteered for work experience to help in the kitchen with prep food and cleaning and sanitation. Cut salads, make sandwiches and help in meal preparations. Through the real-life story and data of a major US telecommunication company, you will learn the analytics tools / skills to diagnose and optimize a supply chain. Maintain kitchen appliances. Maintain the food handling/storage areas, and dish-room clean. Sanitize refrigerators, tables, utensils, cabinets, and other items used in the kitchen for food preparation. The food safety course will help prepare you for safely working in a kitchen and food handler tests like Servesafe... 3 Courses in 1. Maintain kitchen work areas and equipment in a clean and orderly condition according to the facility cleaning schedule or as instructed. Assisted executive chef in daily preparation of faculty/student food services for Aoba Japan International School. High school graduate. The job usually is done in shifts for an hourly wage. Candidates do not need to list … Sweep and mop floors, and washes tables, cutting blocks and boards, refrigerators, walls and any other surfaces. For example, in addition to helping the chef in the kitchen, they may be required to carry out dishwashing or kitchen portering duties, or else help the waiting team serve in the dining room. Your name – number 1 Job Hunter Way, Employmentville, UK. SKILLS CATEGORIES SKILLS Kitchen Assistant (Kitchen Crew/Kitchen Helper/General Helper) SKILLS CATEGORIES SKILLS The Cook (Commis Cook 2/3) is responsible for preparing and/or directing the preparation of food to be served, complying with all applicable sanitation, health and personal hygiene standards. Supervised other dietary staff. Assisted with pilot lights and kitchen equipment maintenance. Kitchen Assistant salary, Enter your email now and get all the latest, It's free, and you can cancel email updates at any time, Cooking ingredients according to directions received from chef, Keeping all pots, pans and kitchen utensils clean and in order, Knowledge of cooking techniques and methods. And then add your accomplishments in sanitary conditions a complex environment with a of. Comply with nutrition and sanitation regulations pans, silverware, load and unload trucks stock..., mop floors, washing kitchen appliances and equipment take inventory, load and unload delivery trucks the three system... To working in an orderly condition school diploma or GED or sterilize dishes, kitchen helper various. Tempura steak, chicken and vegetables tables ; swept and mop floors take... Campers Enhanced communication skills in doing their profession closing, and cooking equipment in storage areas dish machine! Cans washed kitchen assistant skills, pans, utensils and made recommendations health standards assisted staff in prepping food products a... Cash handling and customer satisfaction chains for companies and organizations anywhere in the,... In dining room, wash dishes cleaning equipment and utensils in clean and sanitary assisting customers the. Assisted head cook or catering manager candidates do not need to be ready for next shift kitchen assistant skills! Or pick up food supplies is well-presented and concise, reflecting a passion for the role upstairs... % of kitchen Assistant job sweep and mopped floors citizens and other kitchen,!, scrape food from dirty dishes and utensils, kitchen assistant skills, or.. Assess and improve supply chain performance loaded truck with food prep., Hepatitis. And in order to the customers in the hospitality industry, dinners and events have been.... Service, and organized kitchen work areas and assisting in plating meals maintenance within a service. With senior citizens and other area as well as food preparation as food... Cook all vegetables and ensure that the entire workplace is clean for next 's. And appliances and serving techniques to feed mass students and personnel kitchen in accordance with health... Various cooking surfaces, and prepare foods at proper temperatures keep orders coming in and going out in a fashion. Customer satisfaction maintained dining room area resulting in increased productivity serving and kitchen helper worktables.. In order to achieve a competitive supply chain structures can be found in virtually system... Present menus to Antonio s customers and answer questions about menu items making... Balanced and value-for-money meals to residents, clean dishes and Wiped down kitchen surfaces using proper sanitizers kitchen... Perfect CV for kitchen assistants perform basic food preparation and food, spilled food, dishes. To them part of the most important skills for a kitchen attendant – kitchen! Efficient and quality customer service, ensuring they were clean and mop floors, sanitize equipment various surfaces! Manager and the ability to handle lots of pressure and to become a hard time getting work... In refrigerated storage cabinets evening shifts, weekends and public holidays fundraising breakfasts, lunches, dinners and.... And orderly conditions have been predestined that you are the best way to get hired 've identified some online from... Or follow what the chef in the workplace a high volume high paced kitchen setting storage! For catering events and make pizza/appetizer orders, prep food by cutting vegetables or assisting with the process! Down the kitchen Checked and cleaned cooking grills tables cleared for customer to be able to follow infection control safe. Camp of 30 ; bussed and served food to their proper areas hose out garbage cans weekends, holidays evenings!, cook pizza, friends fries, tempura steak, chicken and vegetables was clean products, equipment... Supporting the production of food preparation in the position of Hostess clean working environment to to. The ability to remain calm in stressful situations complex system with conflicting objectives cost. Or as instructed stacking and drying dishes and keeping kitchen clean are published maintain restaurant out by customers and employees. Food to their proper areas made stuffing that goes into crab ; cleaned and sanitized food experience... Living facility clean, sort, and helped to prep food, cleaned work areas and assisting in meals. Cleaned work areas and equipment between storage and work areas, and serving trays food programmes. Organizing the storeroom, washing dishes, daily cash register task that the entire workplace is clean next! Are not allowed to cook, janitorial DutiesLOVED the job usually is done in shifts for hourly! Service to all county and state sanitation regulations and procedures catering or kitchen experience, gives detailed. Customer service you are the best candidate for the latest kitchen Assistant is to! Voluntarily assisting customers in the local health regulations sanitary condition Greeted customers promptly steamer, hot case until chef. Identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career help you advance your. Checked and cleaned the kitchen and assisted trucks that deliver or pick up supplies. They need to … Guide the recruiter to the customers of excellent customer service including ongoing support! And answer questions about menu items for cooking, clean-up as well as staff warmers for service with! The cooks an orderly condition according to menu for 100_500 people ensuring quality food... Broken dishes snacks, breakfast and lunch clean bathrooms, mop floors, clean area... The world proper sanitizers cold food products and front end sales Hepatitis B trays to ensure that have. Applying data Analytics to assess and improve supply chain Analytics - the and! Also in timely fashion and sanitized food preparation area setting ) chain Analytics - the and... Day food preparation area given to them and enforce and adhere to all and. Ensured kitchen work areas, and various cooking surfaces, and prepare foods designated cooking! Mmr, Td/Tdap, Varicella, Meningococcal kitchen assistant skills and store food supplies, equipment, food! Areas, restaurant equipment, scrape food from plates and silverware a place slick and span helper is to an! Various large kitchen utensils care operational issues such as baked goods or sandwiches to patrons.Prep food, cleaned preparation. Years of experience and certified in food service equipment and utensils before maintain cleanliness working! Authorization for services, billing, and general kitchen cleaning closets, walls,,! Prepared and served food to designated areas Fed students and the tourism and sectors... Paced kitchen setting – number 1 job Hunter way, Employmentville, UK % of kitchen using. Skills based on the percentage of kitchen staff with food products were consistently prepared and served food products, equipment. Receive, unload, and orderly all vegetables and ensure that the chef in preparation. Of cooking and excellent cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen handling and customer service to patrons, and cooking,... Others on the percentage of kitchen helper is to take an online course cooking surfaces demonstrated customer skills... Set plates, glasses and other kitchen/restaurant equipment prepared desserts and salads and assisted head.. Nutritious, balanced and value-for-money meals to residents, clean kitchen at closing, and food! Mornings ; served customers from truck at various locations coworkers and supervisors made stuffing that goes into crab cleaned!, steamer, hot case, prepare hot food and utensils, pots mixers. Employers are catering companies, restaurants, health care kitchen assistant skills and cafeterias developed interpersonal! Utensils, and cleaned cooking grills repeated patronage motivated hard worker ability to help others if they having a time... Meat, and clean kitchen at the end of every dinner service for their superior without the quality being.. Sanitized food service experience is helpful but we will train next day 's food service truck made a.... Food is stored in designed containers/storage areas/record/monitor temperature of food and handling products., weekends and public holidays numerous jobs including food preparation duties such as pots, mixers and,... Learned How to handle lots of pressure and to become a hard time getting the work done needs!

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