His power thoroughly confounded the Titans, especially Cyborg, who became all the more obsessed in catching him. However, he has since made the jump with his first appearance in the DC … Direct Action Donald Duck Action Figures Disney … When Repro returns to The Thief to brag about killing Catwoman, The Thief disables his powers and kills him, thus destroying any evidence of his involvement in Catwoman's apparent murder. Billy Numerous characters, Billy Numerous first appears in the cafeteria scene of the "Deception" episode. No accessories. Billy Numerous has the capacity to duplicate himself. He becomes a member of the HIVE Five, and later joins with the other villains in the onslaught against the Titans in "Calling All Titans" and "Titans Together." Ha realizado trabajos de voz en off en varias series animadas de DC-Warner Bros; como Clark Kent como adolescente en Superman: The Animated Series, como Snapper Carr en Justice League, como Billy Numerous en Teen Titans, como Donny Grasso en un episodio de Batman Beyond, como Danger Duck en Loonatics Unleashed y como el villano Firefly en The Batman y como Paco en Batman: The Brave and … So doing will cause all clones to snap back into the base Billy, which massively shocks and overwhelms his system. The following is a list of individual characters from the DC Universe or its Multiverse. (Note: This is probably inconsistency meant to demonstrate Billy's strength in numbers, literally and figuratively.). Billy's only other accessory is his black eye-mask. Working together, he and his clones were able to carry off Jump City's Bay Bridge with nothing more than collective raw muscle power. And to add to the insult, the Titans copies were not actual clones but merely holographic projections created and controlled by Cyborg. The villains from the newer live-action TV series' line-up based on DC Comics such as Batman, Superman, Arrow, The Flash, … Teen Titans Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. In addition, Billy's physical strength and endurance is superhuman. This is a reference to the Republican Party's logo being an elephant. This also includes villains from its many adaptations into movies, TV shows, and cartoons, as well as video games. Jay Garrick, also known as the first Flash, is a DC Comics minifigure released in 2020. Billy Numerous - Teen Titans Wiki - Robin, Starfire, Raven. Tony Stark Anthem Of The Heart Watch Castle Creepy Kids Castle Castle In The Sky Guardians Of The Galaxy Life Website. He is voiced by Jason Marsden. Article by Dallas Kuvalis. His costume is a red, one-piece unitard with a white circle and a black division sign on it. His power is self-duplication, and he is known to brag about his … Five would be better off committing crimes while living a regular life instead of joining the Brotherhood of Evil because he thinks that taking over the world is redundant, and that those "old-timers" are boring. Five and was also recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil. Calling himself Repro, he encounters Slam Bradley and claims to have knowledge of the whereabouts of Selina Kyle and other missing villains, who are currently imprisoned on the planet Salvation. One of the practical applications of Billy's power. Add a photo to this gallery. Billy Numerous has the power to duplicate himself as many times as he wants. He makes his first appearance in the episode "Super Robin." Academy; like many of the H.I.V.E. He has the upper hand until Selina, recently returned from Salvation, easily defeats Repro and takes him hostage, planning to interrogate him about The Thief. He is frozen along with the other villains at the end of the latter episode. Ornament and ribbon only. Billy Numerous is a minor villain and was once a student at the H.I.V.E. Five teammates tried to run, but were intercepted by Kid Flash - and aghast to see that Jinx had switched sides and joined up with him. The exact limit of clones he can create is unknown, and is certainly in the hundreds if not thousands. Eventually, he defeated Billy by generating multiple copies o… Saved by Rudolph Koss. He first encountered the Teen Titans during a bank robbery in Jump City, where he used his replicating abilities to defeat them. Goal Using his duplicates, he is able to escape, and manages to shoot Selina before fleeing. Cyborg, who at that time was testing out the new Maximum-7 processor on his internal systems, found Billy difficult to defeat personally, even as his systems were slowly becoming overloaded by too much power focused on powering the processor. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Shows About All Your Favorite DC Heroes Episode 4 Cyborg reunites with Beast Boy to track down and defeat Billy Numerous, a man capable of multiplying his body. Billy believes that the H.I.V.E. Powers and abilities Catch Gizmo, Jinx, Mammoth, See-More and Billy Numerous in their best episodes from Teen Titans Go! Clones DC Comics: First appearance: New Teen Titans #3 (January 1981) Created by: Marv Wolfman and George Pérez: In-story information; Leader(s) Doctor Light Psimon Jinx: Member(s) Mammoth Shimmer Gizmo See-More Billy Numerous Private H.I.V.E. Psimon is a supervillain and founding member of the Fearsome Five with incredible psychic powers. Other names Continuity. Similar to teammate See-More, Billy's only exposure of skin is his mouth and chin (although his nose is revealed as well). Relatives Masten is an Axtell High School Graduate stationed in San Diego , CA. Billy Numerous is first seen as a student of the H.I.V.E. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other In order to bring them down, Billy created even more clones of himself, but finally pushed his powers too far. http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Danton_Black_(New_Earth), https://teentitans.fandom.com/wiki/Billy_Numerous?oldid=111807, Billy Numerous was specifically created for the TV series and did not have a previous appearance in the mainstream comic line. A picture of Cyborg dancing with Jinx can be seen in Cyborg's room. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Character information Billy Numerous is a super villain in the Teen Titans animated series. send you an email once approved. However there is a limit, as it is possible for him to overtax his skills. H.I.V.E. Repro is defeated by Slam in a fight, and reveals that Selina was abducted by the Suicide Squad. Self-MultiplicationAbove-Average strengthEnhanced Endurance March 2020. However, he ultimately joins with his teammates. Clear coated and sealed for years of enjoyment and protection. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Metahuman Jason Marsden Billy Numerous. He engages in various petty crimes and attempts at one point to join a new iteration of the team being organised by Psimon and Dr Light. In the Teen Titans Go! Both have the ability to multiply and wear a red and black uniform. Billy Numerous in his DC Comics incarnation. Appearances . Billy Numerous was a student of H.I.V.E. Custom BILLY NUMEROUS Teen Titans GO! LEGO Dimensions Repro takes Slam to a warehouse he claims Selina is in, but instead has several of his duplicates attack the man. (Billy) A. Martin, Fourth generation owner, Martin’s Tavern In 1933, former Major League Baseball player William Gloyd “Billy” Martin, along with the help of his father William S. Martin, established Martin’s Tavern on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and N Street in Georgetown, Washington DC. Custom one of a kind Billy Numerous funko mini upcycled into an ornament. When the Academy was destroyed, Billy Numerous escaped and became a renegade villain. Billy Numerous is a former student of the H.I.V.E Academy and an enemy of the Teen Titans. If Billy overtaxes his power, however, all the clones will forcibly re-merge with him, which will lead to a massive shock to his system. The exact numerical limit of clones he can effectively create is unknown, though it ranges well beyond a hundred. Billy Numerous; Kyd Wykkyd (DCU) the rest of the hive but background; This is the fluffiest thing I've ever written my GOD; Billy and Kyd are quiet and domestic even though the world is in chaos and thats that on that; tag for marriage mention bc the hive like to make fun of them; also tag for kyd being awful and vulgar (not new) Summary WACO, Texas (KWTX) - U.S. Navy DC2 Billy Masten surprised his parents and family at the Lacy Lakeview Cracker Barrel . In comics, a character resembling him was introduced in Catwoman #78, written by Will Pfeifer and drawn by David Lopez. DC Direct Action Figures - 2001 - joeacevedo.com. First comic Billy first appeared as a student of the H.I.V.E Academy, where his power of self-duplication was subtly hinted at. Later, when the Brotherhood executed its world-wide strike against young superheroes, he and Gizmo were sent to capture Kole and Gnarrk in their subterranean retreat, but both escaped them. Jump City Species Later, Billy engaged in a robbing spree all across Jump City, and he stole anything he and his innumerable clones could get his (their) collective hands on. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, AQUAMAN and more. Billy Numerous is a character created for TV, loosely based on the comics character Multiplex. Billy Numerous is a DC Comics Super Heroes minifigure who appears in LEGO Dimensions. He has also been a member of the Injustice League and the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Getting rich, Teasing others, Proving that he is the best in everything — Wm. William Billy Strayer Allies The Quiz Monkey game show host from "Episode 257-494" appears in the Max-7 commercial. March 2020. Comic Vine users. Academy where his power of duplication was subtly hinted. The H.I.V.E Five are the Teen Titans' greatest rivals! He fails the test along with dozens of other villains. Background . Multiplex, Billy is very similar to the Marvel Comics' character. His clones are perfect physical and psychological copies, and are sentient entities with free will who are able to act independently of the base Billy. He was also able to carry off tons of gold bars, something that even the big muscled Mammoth could not do. Academy H.I.V.E. Each clone was carrying several tons worth of weight. Just Billy, Hillbilly Human Copy Machine (by, Getting rich, Teasing others, Proving that he is the best in everything. Character » The resulting reabsorption of each of his clones caused a massive physical and mental shock, stunning him and enabling his capture. However, he has since made the jump with his first appearance in the DC Universe in Catwoman #78 (April 2008). Billy Numerous Dc. He and the other Titans confronted Billy in the abandoned stadium where he had stashed his loot, seemingly with numerous copies of themselves. Billy Numerous was specifically created for the TV series and did not have a previous appearance in the mainstream comic line. When the remnants of the Titans under Beast Boy later attacked the Brotherhood's headquarters, Billy and most of his H.I.V.E. He has also been observed to have enhanced strength and stamina. This gave him superhuman speed, as well as extremely fast reflexes. Billy Numerous appears as a background villain and member of the HIVE Five in this comic adaptation of the animated television series. However, this was all part of Selina's plan to track down The Thief. After his defeat by the Titans he joined the HIVE Five. Billy appears as a minor supporting villain in several episodes throughout the series, typically in association with other HIVE Five members. Billy Numerous shows some similarities to the Wego twins from Kim Possible. None Billy Numerous Dc. Conceived through the relations between a human and the demonic entity Trigon the Terrible, Raven had harbored a ghastly evilness within her soul from birth. He is voiced by Scott Menville. Five. was destroyed during Cyborg's confrontation with Brother Blood, Billy and most of the other students went freelance. 1 Background 2 Appearances 3 Gallery 4 See Also Jay Garrick was a college student who accidentally inhaled heavy water vapors, which activated a metagene. Later, Billy engaged in a battle with the Teen Titans while … Secret Santa First episode DC Comic OOAK 3” Christmas Ornament Holiday. Nothing is known about Billy Numerous' origin or early life. Some of Billy Numerous' clones were riding an elephant that had a banner saying "Vote 4 Billy". Kyd Wykkyd ------------------------------ Recording software: Bandicam (https://www.bandicam.com) He likes to communicate with his clones, and they are his usual "playmates," and seemingly his best friends. Billy Numerous (Teen Titans/DC Comics) Compiste Superman (DC Comics) James Madrox/Multiple Man (Marvel Comics) Multi Man (The Impossibles) Genie (Disney's Aladdin) Jafar (Disney's Aladdin) Danny Fenton/Phantom (Danny Phantom) Vlad Masters/Plasmius (Danny Phantom) Billy Joe Cobra (Dude, That's My Ghost) He can replicate himself at will. His own clones Weapons Billy Numerous appears in 52 issues. ", Billy shares his self-multiplication powers with an established DC villain, Danton Black, A.K.A. [Source]. Billy is probably the most fun-loving of the H.I.V.E. Unknown Smoke free home. He has done voice over work on the various DC Warner Bros. animated series; as Clark Kent as a teenager in Superman: The Animated Series, as Snapper Carr in Justice League, as Billy Numerous in Teen Titans, as Donny Grasso on an […] episode of Batman Beyond, as Danger Duck in Loonatics Unleashed, and as the villain Firefly in The Batman […] and as Paco in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. issue Nearly Nabbed Me, Billy stated that he was in college, so it is possible that he is not a teenager. Villains from DC Comics. Moments later, they were all swept away by one of Jinx's hexes and carted off by Kid Flash for flash-freeze treatment. ‎Billy Numerous can't quite decide to who write to (so he writes to everyone). He often socializes primarily or exclusively with his clones, and they appear to be his closest friends.

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