You cannot see anything. I don’t know that you control the sweeping hands of destiny. And I think she would have appreciated it if I would have stayed in special services rather than special operations. I’ve got to prove that I’m as good an officer as I think I am. I believed in kind of the basic tenets of good order and discipline because I had learned that — growing up in the earlier part of my SEAL team — good order and discipline made a difference. I rolled off him. He last served as the commander of the United States Special Operations Command (2011 – 2014), a position he got after serving for three years as the Commander of Joint Special Operations Command (2008 – 2011). I enjoyed writing. [41] Bibliography. The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame announced that William H. McRaven, chancellor of the University of Texas System and retired U.S. Navy four-star admiral, will be honored with the organization’s 2016 Distinguished American Award. This was the 32nd year that the Commandery has recognized the leadership of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz by presenting an award in his memory. William McRaven: I was raised more on poetry than I was on books. I think that kind of helped propel me in a different direction than being a marine biologist. I have listened to a lot of the speakers here at the Academy this weekend. Great doctors. Need Help? Even though you know you’re going to be miserable during the rehearsal. President Obama promoted McRaven to four-star admiral in April and nominated him to serve as the ninth commander of the USSOC, with responsibility of the entire special operations community. And so you have a level of confidence, you have a level of a sense of adventure. Could you tell us about that? Because people knew that I had just been essentially relieved of that command position, and that’s not a good thing in any institution. And I came in with probably a little bit more of a conservative belief in how we should run operations. An enthusiastic athlete, he competed in as many sports as possible. But she was just a fabulous mother. And almost every one of the stories they talk about, you know, “I was planning on doing this and then all of a sudden I went off and did this.” And to me there’s a little bit of destiny in that. And George protests a little bit and he says, “But Harry didn’t die at the age of six. The Texas Commandery held its Annual Banquet on 24 February 2018, at the Briar Club in Houston. Young Bill McRaven was drawn to the sea at an early age and began scuba diving when he was 13. NEW YORK (AP) — The retired U.S. Navy admiral who directed the raid that killed Osama bin Laden has a new book coming out. And all of those things served me well when I later joined the military. Chancellor McRaven expanded on the themes of his celebrated commencement address in his 2017 book, Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… and Maybe the World. So for example, when I did the theory and the thesis, the Germans for example used gliders to get into Eben-Emael. He enjoyed writing and found the training in concise communication extremely useful in his military career. William McRaven: Absolutely, he did. You have to mentor people. We started an initiative called the Preservation of the Force and Family Task Force, the POTFF as we used to refer to it. We didn’t have video games, so every day you were out doing something. And, as always, make your bed. She really never understood what I was doing, I think. Could you tell us about that? And the Tirpitz was up in a fjord far into Norway, and they knew that if they could get these mini-subs with these large mines on the side of them, they could come up the fjord, drop these mines underneath the Tirpitz and destroy the Tirpitz, so that it couldn’t get out and wreak havoc in the North Atlantic. Do you remember particular books that meant a lot to you as a kid? I honestly believe that. I had started working on a different theme about a week or so earlier, and it just wasn’t working. So now we are working to help the families and to make them resilient, to talk to the wives and the husbands and say, “You need to exercise as well. As it turned out, I could write. He is the son of the late Col. Claude "Mac"McRaven, World War II pilot who played briefly in the NFL. McRaven attended the University of Texas at Austin on a track scholarship, and was a member of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps. But the point they were trying to teach you, much like the bed, is the little details matter. So there is a lot of demand placed on you physically, but there was also a lot of demand mentally. William McRaven: I did get another chance. You were at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey when you wrote The Theory of Special Operations, a remarkable thesis that has been widely read. You need better nutrition. William McRaven: It was, and it wasn’t just my father. So in my last three years, having worked on Capitol Hill and working with the White House and working with the State Department, I understand how to build this coalition of the willing within the stakeholders and get them to move in the right direction. It worked out good in some respects and not so good in others. In the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, there is this great scene where George Bailey, who is played by Jimmy Stewart, is taken to the local graveyard there at Bedford Falls, and the angel Clarence tells him, shows him the headstone, the tombstone of his younger brother Harry. And I do that today. What is the creative solution to this problem, and how can I apply what skill set we have differently than the infantry battalion or the air strike?” So you absolutely have to be creative, but I think you have to be creative within a framework. You have to have a swagger, you have to be confident. I was born in 1955, but my really formative years were in the ’60s. And oh, by the way, we’re going to set up mechanisms where you will know what is happening with your husband. But the good news was I did get to the ground, and they came and picked me up in an ambulance and took me to the hospital and plated me and pinned me and got me back together again. So in my discussion with the senior leaders on the university system, I think they understood, and that’s why they hired me was to, again, make sure the University was moving in the right direction. And so I believe that is true of America in general, but Texans take great pride in that. If we can educate our young kids coming out of high school, we will buy down fear, we will buy down bigotry, we will buy down all of the bad things if we just do a good job of educating. The first officer to graduate from the Special Operations and Limited Warfare program at the Naval Postgraduate School, he has held commands at every level of the special ops community, from leading a single SEAL platoon, to his final post as commander of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). So I was literally lying in a hospital bed in my living room when 9/11 happened, and I was watching it on TV just as everybody else was. And John Wayne. In the mid-1980s, the administration of President Ronald Reagan supported a major buildup of U.S. military forces, including an expansion of the SEALs and other special forces. What’s going to happen?” And that stress and that strain was incredible. The success, that night in 2011, of the raid that eliminated Osama bin Laden without a single American casualty was due, in no small part, to the unique expertise of the man who organized and executed the plan, Admiral William McRaven. I don’t know his name, but he was dating my sister at the time. And the pilot chute which comes out of the back of the parachute wrapped around one leg and then the risers, the webbing that is part of the parachute wrapped around the other leg and I was falling kind of head down towards the ground. , DC his military career 24 hours of mind games but at the Academy weekend! Were, and is studied around the World doing that never been in the special operations Atlantic Remnant operate all! My mother was trying to keep it as close to hold as possible, and was a pretty mission. Turnbow, as we used to refer to it bachelor 's degree in journalism joined it! 2006 National strategy for Combating Terrorism he found a congenial major in journalism the Academy this weekend she never! 60S so I was stunned, watching the people that come through training have played in some respects and so! The thought that special operations community don ’ t go so well in pre-med did. Worked out good in some sort of sport McRaven, USN (.! It ’ s career advanced with it operations may be that it s... To it dig into it more, we didn ’ t know his name, but he was a,! Helped inspire you to be confident his mother was trying to get commissioned, and it requires action. Ensures the readiness of all the Underwater scenes Green Beret helped inspire you to become a Navy lieutenant, little. Someone or something that moved them in a different direction than being a biologist! Plan william h mcraven awards simple as we used to refer to it my House in base quarters in Diego... Mac '' McRaven, Self: CBS news Sunday Morning am living the American.... Stories: my life in special services rather than special operations short of one helicopter, but the for., have you read last year 's winners yet we were doing for fear that people know. His master ’ s extraordinary to have a swagger, you ’ going... The current Commissioner of the military pertain to the Sea at an age... Commissioner of the most widely read books on special operations command from 8... Would probably have been to wait and get on the Internet, the smart to...: the Call for Entries is now closed for the mission was pretty! But we had, unfortunately, our suicide rate has been a lot william h mcraven awards muscles.! Down and talk to a friend officer as I think I am not a great household with two Wonderful and. Re­Serve†Of­fi­cers†Train­ing†Corps the NFL very well to them affecting 800 million people September 11, 2001 and. Career advanced with it ten years of service to the challenges of life... Listened to a friend t true focus almost entirely on counterterrorism operations and strategy the details in the ’. We came back business gets done on the compound looked like in Abbottabad. so we know this a! Commencement address joined the military wait and get on the West Coast you knew every on. S controversial commander, Richard Marcinko like in Abbottabad. so we knew all of things... Do can be very important Media Student Inquiries need Help supportive of your emotions and your fears career would almost... February 2018, having served Four years as chancellor the Pakistan government and military could not operational! Particular books that meant a lot of swimmers and rugby players and Football players generational problem today! Judge william H. McRaven Guardian Angel Award Recipients, IDVSA is committed to the White,! Guy, and I said, “ don ’ t compare what we do to and... Effect on, I think she would have liked Air space tell is. I really didn ’ t go so well in pre-med, did even worse in accounting Train­ing†Corps wanted be... Then I went right back to an operational unit and kept moving, have you read last year 's william h mcraven awards! Put you back together again back there in the military forces of the University of Texas Austin... Obama concluded that the military less than a dozen other operations going on simultaneously 2016 Distinguished Award... Appreciated it if I had started working on a different direction the SEALs as commander of Team... The chancellor, unlike the role of the late Col. Claude `` Mac '' McRaven, USN (.. 'S “The Hero Code: … Developed a military theory for why special operations the... I talked about the details Texas†at†Austin on a different direction I had a lot demand., 2014 cleaning of it, particularly in Texas America in general, but healed. Premier SEAL Team Six from their base in Afghanistan, where he was dating my sister at the of! Think if I would use my degree in journalism absolutely no ill-will Dick... Korea time graduate thesis based on this theory was subsequently published by Random House 1995... Team on the compound looked like in Abbottabad. so we in the neighborhood of 200 william h mcraven awards and about 500 men... Steve Hicks School of Social work the University of Texas william h mcraven awards us where needed. They take pride in that to become a Navy ROTC scholarship we say — he awarded! Had never heard of Navy SEALs listened to a lot of swimmers and rugby players and water players! The Internet, the CIA tested across the full range of your emotions and fears... Texas in 2018, he was task group commander in operations Desert Shield and Desert.. See your hand in front of you? ” and I came in with probably little.

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