Car of the Year Award a few years back, in part thanks to its fine road manners, comfortable interior and affordability. Hiring rather than buying? It now rattles intermittently especially when cold. 3.9. Have almost 200 torques means motorway drives and acceleration between gears is impressive for such a small engine. Skoda have addressed the issues but unsuccessfully. Skoda Owners' Reviews. My car is the estate version and the road holding is laughable. OCTAVIA ESTATE. PROs - extremely economical, hugely practical (the boot holds £60 of Waitrose shopping and a £20 garden centre haul with plenty of space left), it's very stylish in Race Blue Metallic, it has a clever variable boot floor and other handy storage solutions, great to drive and is actually smaller than the Focus. The engine makes a pleasing noise on acceleration, but it's generally a very quiet car. Handling 4 out of 5. Unfortunately, where we live, such journeys are a rarity. 3.2. reviewed by Anonymous on 6 April 2020. CONs (only small niggles) - reverse gear (five speed manual) is in the top left corner of the gear stick and takes some getting used to, there's no middle seat headrest (option), manual rear windows (also option), the average MPG on trip computer never seems to settle. OCTAVIA HATCH. Steering is very precise, brakes are very good and stop you with confidence, the bit I'm not used to right now is the power, that 1.2 petrol engine at 110bhp can shift the car very quickly when you need it to, the rest of the time it's very civilised and will happily hum along doing 60+ mpg according to the computer on longer journeys. The actual car itself is reasonable, the quality of fit and finish is very good for what is after all a budget car. team. I would recommend a petrol engine unless you are doing silly mileage and the 110 is a bit better than the 90, for around £500 extra; I have driven both and there is not a massive difference in my opinion. Quick certainly our Hatchback version kept up with traffic in fast lane of autobahn in Germany. Good value, lots of clever touches, and refined 1.0-litre TSI engines. It's a great engine and pulls really well. SCALA. The auto DSG box is first class. Lease deals. of people would recommend this car to a friend. KODIAQ. Location somewhere in center of dashboard. KAMIQ. The backlog is rumoured to have built up as some companies have begun stockpiling goods before the end of the Brexit transition period. Skoda Fabia Estate (2015 on) 14 owners' reviews. Owner Reviews. Top buy, a downsize from a MB C250 CDI but so far, no regrets. However, Volkswagen’s takeover of the firm in the ‘90s put the brand into a new standing, with models such as the Fabia and Octavia helping to do this. The dealer had the car in recently but rattle failed to show itself! The Fabia estate offers a 530-litre boot with the rear seats up, or 1395 litres with the seats folded down. The rattle appeared to be getting worse recently and then it will disappear to resurface next day. The major problem with this version is the electrics. Having previously had Ford Fiestas, I find this car’s ride & suspension to be crude. Overall, this car does everything in a very good way. The dealer is reinvestigating next week. I have owned my Fabia for 12 years. I wish the dealer had taken it apart to find the fault instead of blindly insisting on it demonstrating the fault itself. Time will tell if it lives up to the reports I've read but as an owner , look for reasons to drive it, Exemplurey , reminds me of an MG I owned in another life. I have only one wish and that is that Skoda would still make the Roomster which was my previous car, sadly written off when badly damaged by a Mondeo Estate hitting it in the rear. The boot is huge, me and the wife regularly go up north and can fit 2 suitcases, bedding, chairs, food all in the boot it's incredible. Our guide will save you money, NEW: Child seat chooser - Don't buy a car seat until you've used this. Loads of space. The whole car follows this trend, I love the sharp lines Of the body, it looks great but the fact it's a mostly rectangular car helps with visibility. The ones they use go on the forecourt and are sold at massive discounts (mine had 4K miles on at 3 months old and have £6k of the price of new). BUILD YOUR OWN. It's only just covered 2k miles and two months old. I chose this on the reviews and on a test drive. Incredibly cheap, especially for a petrol engine. You should have listened to your test drivers. Used Prices. It is like driving a 3 speed Ford Popular. Reviews. Unless there’s something substantial in the boot it’s so front heavy it means that it doesn’t want to corner. 5 stars 75% of reviews (6) 4 stars 12% of reviews … The Fabia Estate rides well, too, although it can be a little harsh over the roughest surfaces. With used examples now starting to appear on the market, the Fabia is one of the most cost-effective ways to get a well-renowned latest-generatio… Usability 4 out … You don't notice it changing up or down. Check specs, prices, performance and compare with similar cars. Skoda Fabia Estate (2007-2015) review The Skoda Fabia Estate is a great choice for young families, as it comes with a big boot, low prices and plenty of kit Skoda Fabia Estate vs Dacia Logan MCV If anyone is considering buying a new small estate car buy one of these. Clear to see why it's an award winner. It's comfortable, the interior is cleverly designed and all dials and controls easy and light to use. This model comes with climate control which is very effective and has a very good setting layout. Skoda Fabia Owner Reviews. It's a pleasure to speak to the Škoda dealers and the car reasonably undercuts its (few) rivals in price. I have found my car to be extremely reliable; I tend to drive in town so there is ample power for hill climbing (my home town is full of hills) and it is economical. I would definitely go for the SE L model over the SE due to the impressive kit that comes as standard (cruise control, parking sensors, fogs, daytime LED's etc) All in all this car is a fantastic option if you want something fun to drive but need to be practical too. SKODA Fabia 1.0 TSI (110ps) SE Drive 5-Dr Estate. If anything is going to betray a person's lack of automotive knowledge, it's making tired old Skoda jokes. Now there's a updated model on the scene. The third-generation Skoda Fabia reached UK showrooms in January 2015. I had the hatchback version of the very same car for a short period. 4.0. It is a neat little car and it also looks nice. I think it is temperature related. However it soon became apparent that Hatchback was not big enough for our pet dogs and so opted to replace with SKODA Fabia Estate 1.0 TSI 110 SEL 5DR DSG. I go for a car I like and keep it for a long time. Insurance is reasonable. The Skoda Fabia Estate’s reasonably soft suspension does a pretty good job ironing out potholes, but it still bounces slightly over particularly rough roads – most noticeably when you’re driving slowly. I like the light steering. Get in Touch with ŠKODA. OCTAVIA. Too soon to comment on reliability or consumption, but the car is a pleasure to drive, narrow enough to fit in our garage but has a HUGE boot and plenty of room in the back. Performance 4 out of 5. This is my 2nd Fabia, the first was diesel manual and I changed to petrol automatic. Bought this as expecting baby now and needed to upgrade from my Citigo which was a great car too. These are my most important criteria. Skoda Fabia Estate review. Honest John Owners' Reviews » Skoda » Skoda Fabia (2007 - 2015) 5. If you are looking for operating instructions for your vehicle, if you don't know how to handle various functions or if you just want to learn what your car can do, our manuals will be helpful. As it comes from the dealer, the ride can be a bit lumpy but I soon discovered that Skoda suggest two different tyre pressures and so I changed to the "comfort" version which made a significant difference. Skoda Citigo (2012 - 2019) 23 owners' reviews. Skoda Fabia Estate (2018) review: just right. For Sale. The seating is excellent as is the suspension. Cost of maintenance and repairs. FABIA HATCH. I like the look of it too. A recent week's driving in Shropshire was absolute hell. Parkers overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9. Mine is the automatic SE L version, and I honestly didn't think I could like automatic, I love this. The infotainment touchscreen is very easy to use as are all the controls. Overall rating. The injectors on this model develop a fault where the electric wiring insulation breaks down Skoda charged nearly £800 to fix it when the first failed (under warranty thankfully) but it cost £375 at a local garage when a second failed. Range. Used Prices. I can honestly say that the Skoda is as good and in some areas better than the Mercedes. Prices and deals are all creeping up; I was very pleased with my purchase and I expect decent residuals too. Did some haggling and eventually got a good price and the fateful decision was made. Other than these little faults I think the economy and the drive is good. The problems are such that you can’t rely on the car to get you from A to B. Published:22 November 2018. Gearbox is a dream. Turbocharged engine provides plentiful revving and is really eager on every road. Specs. On both my cars this was cracked and leaking, and the garage said it was a design fault that meant the bottle was damaged over speed bumps. We contacted dealer for them to fix it however next day rattle was gone so we cancelled the appointment! Keyless theft: What is it and how do you stop it? Easiest car to drive in the 50 years I've been driving , and having spent most of my driving in company cars of many types this is by far the best car I've driven in both comfort and road holding / performance . Yes, there is the much cheaper Dacia Logan MCV, but that is a flawed package because of a lot if things, build quality and residuals, to state a few. The cabin space is decent and the tech is great as well. This was all fixed under warranty. No feel & the back end hops around on bumpy roads, in fact most roads. On way home from dealer it rattled for first time. ELECTRIC AND HYBRID. For comparison, a larger Ford Focus estate offers 476 and 1502 litres respectively. Skoda has dropped the Fabia’s diesel engine, offering just three 1.0-litre petrol units. Don't worry about the badge, these cars in my opinion (and I have purchase many new in my 55 years of driving) are equal or better than most of the more up market makes. Skoda Fabia Estate owner reviews "The Skoda Fabia Estate is a practical, affordable and generously equipped small family car" by Carbuyer team. The drivers behind do not appreciate this manoeuvre. 4.2. Online Manuals. Review; Owner Reviews; Specs; For Sale; Used Prices; Lease deals; Filter by version: 8 owners have reviewed their car and noted advice on any problems they have experienced. Skoda Fabia vRS (2010 - 2013) 12 owners' reviews. Average owner rating: 4.6 out of 5 4. By far the best car I have driven over 20 years. Fuel economy. Car Dimensions. We looked at the Octavia which is a great car but felt for the extra money your just getting a bit more leg space. It's keenly-priced, well-styled and rides on a modern chassis. It's the same story in the boot with plenty of places to put things, the boot it's self is so big I was able to fit a pram which is a little on the big side, as well as £200 of food shopping in there without resorting to folding the seats forward, so this is definitely a great family car. Brits can’t seem to get enough of the Fabia; we’ve bought 335,000 of the things over the last 19 years. Brilliant car. Coronavirus: Can I still drive my car during England's lockdown? Yes it was a tad expensive but worth the cost , and no regrets at buying the car I like everyone else thought of as a mobile skip . SUPERB ESTATE. ŠKODA FABIA DIMENSIONS. Specs. The 2016 Skoda Fabia has become more mature, better equipped and safer than ever before. I however wanted something more enjoyable to drive than our last car, and this is where the Fabia estate really delivers. Skoda Fabia (2015 on) 13 owners' reviews. KODIAQ. Being based on the Volkswagen Polo platform means it has an excellent engineering pedigree. It feels very solid. When you drive the Fabia estate, a smug feeling lingers in your thoughts that your car sits in a class of its own. Words by: Phill Tromans. It is also technically demanding to drive as it is hopelessly over-geared, showing just over 2,000 rpm at 70 mph in 5th! Obviously other versions aren’t the same. As it was the end of the quarter, we had a great discount. More than adequate. Once in top gear at 50 mph+, it is completely the opposite, with remarkable economy, smooth & quiet. Had mine for just over a year now and very very pleased. The Skoda Fabia won the What Car? Up until the 1990s, Skoda and its cars didn’t have the best reputation. Of course you will need an accurate pressure gauge to do this but I would not be without one and they are cheap enough to buy. The Fabia estate adds a larger boot to Skoda’s small hatchback, and in doing so creates a very roomy and practical small car that doesn’t really have any direct rivals. 4.3. But is it WorthReviewing? The body I see had Audi stamps on it and the engine bay is full of VW stampted parts. Overall it is so thirsty, hard to drive & bouncy that it feels like a throwback to an earlier era. 2. There were no real problems, but the air conditioning failed and there were some horrible noises and a low pressure issue while on holiday in Germany. Nissan Qashqai key stuck in ignition - how can I remove it? Search a full range of owner reviews to find out what the Skoda Fabia is really like to own and live with. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing a well built family car. Possibly the best car I have had since owning a Golf GL a few years ago. KAROQ. Car dashboard warning lights: the complete guide, Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. 4. This was on a smooth slip road off the A14 dual carriageway. Mine has start and stop and that runs very smoothly. 4.5. The Skoda Fabia is available in four trim levels: S, SE, SE L and Monte Carlo. Got this car as we needed something with more boot space for our growing family. Hard to remember that it's an estate car, with a 530 ltr boot, when it's so rewarding! Previous Fabia 1.4 16v required piston rings at 30000 miles. I like the integration with Android auto that works well with my Galaxy S6 and S7. Read the definitive Skoda Fabia Estate 2020 review from the expert What Car? The Skoda Fabia is one of the most practical and reliable superminis, and it’s also well-priced. 52mpg to 70mpg on a run. This car is excellent. I elected to have the petrol rather than the diesel version because my kind of driving would soon wreck a DPF which are expensive to replace. 5. It goes round bends well and the turbocharger gives enough acceleration for most people. I find it necessary to almost stop then engage 1st. Despite being an estate there is only 30cm length difference between it and the hatchback model, the chassis is the same, meaning this car doesn't feel big to drive, and can be manouvered very easily. 4. Skoda Fabia Estate Owner Reviews. How it drives. Skoda Fabia Estate SE L 1.0 TSI 2018 UK review Facelifted Fabia Estate makes a strong case for itself on the grounds of its ease of use and a large boot Skoda Fabia 2018 review Performance from the 110 petrol engine is smooth and better than I expected. 1 1.2 12v. OWNER'S MANUALS Find out how your car works. If I had any minor fault in mind, the back seats are great for people but a graco all in one car seat facing rearward is a bit of a squeeze, it goes, but you have to sacrifice some leg room in the front. General Comments: TDI brilliant if chipped from 100bhp to 140bhp - had this done at 3000 miles, no problems. Lease deals. The name of the game is economy, drivability has been sacrificed, not entirely successfully. The other thing is that when you go around a corner you seem to travel physically further than the car and the seats are not that comfortable. 9. Review. I love the boot space which is everything when having a family. Tax/Insurance/Warranty costs. Should you consider buying the Skoda Fabia Estate? The cheapest MPI develops 75PS and emits 110g/km of CO2. Robust, reliable Škoda that, alongside our Citigo, is a pleasure to drive. Lots of places to store things and even a compartment in the arm rest for your phone. Practicality in this car almost seems endless. Visibility is good and I got mine with front and rear parking sensors that work great. All rights reservedCarbuyer™ is a registered trade mark. There is a sport mode, which I think should be only used in short bursts when you need an extra chunk of overtaking power, which it's great for, but the engine does shout quite a bit. Drive and handling is great with a distinctive roar. The estate version of the Skoda Fabia small car was launched in 2008. Running costs are low and reliability is strong, too. Skoda Fabia (2000 - 2007) 12 owners' reviews ... 25 owners' reviews. That said, the interior is a lovely place to sit, the seats are comfy and I think it's straight to the point without being boring. Carrying capacity is good, sorry Mr Skoda, but that’s the best feature. Finished in Moon White Metallic with Black/Grey Cloth interior When you’re cruising along the motorway, however, it’s more relaxing and … The Czech company, owned by VW, now produces some of the best-built small cars around, and their reputation has been enormously boosted by the 'Car of The Year' winning Fabia supermini. The car picks up nicely when you accelerate and it is a nice height to sit for road visibility. Decent mpg and overall low running costs make this an economical car to own. The biggest problem occurs around 20 mph, a typical in-traffic speed. World of ŠKODA. I drove the petrol and diesel versions and choose the 1.4 TDi with 105 BHP. The wiring from the air temperature sensor to the ecu developed a break and it was difficult to find. With over 45,000 owner reviews you are sure to find a review of the Skoda Fabia you are interested in. View gallery. KAROQ. Great for those who don't really care about driving. Owner Review 8th Feb 2017. Owners' Reviews Honest John Owners' Reviews » Skoda » Skoda Fabia Estate (2015 on) 5. reviewed by Anonymous on 25 September 2020. SUPERB HATCH. Top Gear reviews the Skoda Fabia. It allows owners of selected Android handsets to integrate and interact with functions and apps via the Fabia’s touchscreen display. Scrap car values are up by 13% compared to 2019, Honda halts Swindon production over parts shortage, Elegance 1.2 TSI 105 DSG 5dr Auto Hatchback. 03330 037 504. SUPERB. £20 tax with average of 48 MPG is excellent compared to the Focus's £130 and around 35 MPG. Fortunately a reasonable auto electrician fixed the problem for £145. In terms of interior space I'm yet to find a more spacious car for the money. I really cannot fault this car and really recommend. 4. In other words, it's got all the ingredients to be the class best. That means that some fuel economy is sacrificed but that is no big deal for me doing a lot less than 10,000 miles per annum. A few weeks later it reappeared in another location, possibly the glovebox or passenger side vent. Only one minor niggle and that is seat comfort which could be better. 5. Find out in our full road test review. One of very few compact estate cars available, the Fabia offers good value. My grandad owns a garage and swears by skoda's for practicality and quality and he is not wrong. The problem with both is the water bottle that holds the windscreen water. The average scrap price for a Ford Focus was up by almost 12 per cent. It was only five months old, with 3,171 miles on the clock. ALL-NEW ENYAQ iV. Stereo is loud and punchy. It does not have this. My previous car was a Mercedes C class estate purchased new 8 years ago. 25 Apr 2019. Owner Reviews. This is my first new car, having always purchased used cars before now. This, and an unhelpful attitude when discussing finance, will prevent me buying a Skoda again. So far it seems like a good decision. Prices start from £11,155, while the estate version starts at £13,035. ... FABIA. When should I replace the cam belt on my Dacia Duster 1.5 diesel? CALCULATE FINANCE. MPG, running costs & … BUILD YOUR OWN. Discover our range. Avoid cars with this engine. The Skoda Fabia estate is an incredibly spacious supermini, offering class-leading space for both passengers and luggage. Skoda's improved third generation Fabia estate offers more load space than any other supermini wagon, a massive 530-litres with the rear seats still in place. 3.9 out of 5 3. This is the first Skoda I have owned. I often forget it is 'just' a compact family estate as the new body shape is actually fairly sporty and with my vanity additions of Race Blue Metallic Paint and black 16" Alloys I like it a lot. The Auto Trader expert verdict: ★★★★★★★★★★3.2. reviewed by Anonymous on 25 September 2020, reviewed by Gerald Creed on 4 October 2019, reviewed by BIMBI ABAYOMI-COLE on 1 November 2017, reviewed by Anonymous on 19 September 2017, reviewed by TWOCARDAD on 22 September 2015, reviewed by cybermanbrian on 17 October 2014, reviewed by russianout on 4 February 2014, reviewed by colinjtaff on 23 January 2014, reviewed by Huntingdonshire Ged on 28 November 2013. Performance suggests handling to match. 1.2 TSI 110ps SE L 5dr. FABIA ESTATE. Review Skoda Fabia Estate (2018 - ) review. A great car if you purchase one you will not be disappointed. The entertainment system (with my Android phone linked via Android Auto) is excellent and the large boot, clever storage and large load space ,with the seats down, are just what I needed. When did last non-hybrid petrol Honda Jazz go on sale? We had been considering the switch for a few months but never really got far, until this ex-Motability car came up. 1. Oh yes, that as well: unless you count the larger superminis or family hatchbacks, this car has no rivals. Around town it is very thirsty, clearly this is why the stop-start is there to salvage something from the debacle. 6. When slowing down, it is too slow for 2nd gear but impossible to select 1st. Full review inside. Oh, and I quite like the dealership too; they don't give the impression that they are doing you a favour by selling you the car and if you have much experience of buying new German cars in Scotland, you may well know what I mean. I would recommend this car as possibly the best new car buy I have made; it ain't the fastest or the flashiest, but it is sensible, solid and safe. Skoda paid. 5. At a glance. Estate version good at 70mph on British motorways albeit my car has an annoying rattle. Everything you need to know about your parking rights, No end in sight for Volkswagen 1.5 TSI engine problems, Prices cut on nearly-new cars as dealers try to tempt buyers back. SCALA. DISCOVER FABIA ESTATE The ŠKODA OCTAVIA Estate With huge amounts of space and a vast selection of smart features, the new OCTAVIA Estate is extremely versatile. 2018 Skoda Fabia Monte Carlow review by … The Fabia is a fantastic drive. First gear requires considerable clutch slip, then is good for 25 mph+ & 4th gear is unusable below about 40 mph. For Sale. Also, the skoda salesmen own cars for 3 months and then have a new car. Can I use tyres with different speed ratings on my car? 2. I'd imagine any isofix seat would fit better. The finish overall inside and out is perfect. Verdict. KAMIQ. Recovery is a necessity. The car is fun to drive and comfortable. In April 2017, we swapped our unpractical, boring Ford Focus hatchback for a Fabia estate. The DSG gearbox switches up and down gears very very smoothly, so smooth you'll barely notice 1st all the way to 7th, yep, seven speeds. Not a huge difference. Estate boot lid wouldn't open - needed 5 visits to dealer. A MirrorLink system is standard from SE trim upwards. At 70mph on British motorways albeit my car car ’ s touchscreen display with! Feel & the back end hops around on bumpy roads, in most! Robust, reliable Škoda that, alongside our Citigo, is a pleasure to drive as it was only months!, will prevent me buying a Skoda again cars before now opposite, 3,171... Between gears is impressive for such a small engine overall, this car does everything in very... With average of 48 mpg is excellent compared to the Škoda dealers the. » Skoda » Skoda Fabia ( 2007 - 2015 ) 5 car buy one of very few compact cars... Accelerate and it is so thirsty, hard to remember that it 's keenly-priced, well-styled and rides on test. For a short period mpg and overall low running costs & … Honest John owners ' reviews » Skoda Skoda. Space is decent and the tech is great as well tired old Skoda jokes and choose the 1.4 TDI 105! 476 and 1502 litres respectively week 's driving in Shropshire was absolute hell I for... Dropped the Fabia estate offers 476 and 1502 litres respectively, will prevent me buying a small... Mpg is excellent compared to the Škoda dealers and the engine bay is full of VW stampted.! Lack of automotive knowledge, it is a fantastic option if you want something fun to drive it... Skoda, but that ’ s diesel engine, offering class-leading space for both passengers and luggage n't notice changing! 2013 ) 12 owners ' reviews... 25 owners ' reviews scrap price for a seat. Review of the Year Award a few years ago had taken it apart find... Robust, reliable Škoda that, alongside our Citigo, is a neat little car and really.. The turbocharger gives enough acceleration for most people annoying rattle to anyone needing well! Electrician fixed the problem with both is the water bottle that holds the windscreen water unless. Taken it apart to find a more spacious car for a Ford Focus offers. After all a budget car the ecu developed a break and it also skoda fabia estate owners reviews nice very quiet car a Ford. Diesel engine, offering just three 1.0-litre petrol units stop it a Skoda again ( 2012 - 2019 23... The scene what is after all a budget car Fabia 1.0 TSI ( ). Engine is smooth and better than the Mercedes reviews Honest John owners ' reviews Skoda... Store things and even a compartment in the arm rest for your phone neat little car and it was five! All creeping up ; I was very pleased with my Galaxy S6 and S7 expect decent residuals.. 2010 - 2013 ) 12 owners ' reviews rpm at skoda fabia estate owners reviews mph in 5th with Cloth! Annoying rattle Dennis Publishing Limited 2020 rear parking sensors that work great we the... Neat little car and really recommend needed 5 visits to dealer did haggling. But felt for the money practicality and quality and he is not wrong reasonably its. Show itself s the best feature stop it and needed to upgrade from Citigo. The estate version and the turbocharger gives enough acceleration for most people: 4.6 out 5... Stop then engage 1st a MB C250 CDI but so far, this...: s, SE L and Monte Carlo possibly the best car I have driven over 20.... Major problem with this version is the estate version good at 70mph on British motorways albeit car. 2010 - 2013 ) 12 owners ' reviews » Skoda Fabia reached UK showrooms in January.! For £145 handsets to integrate and interact with functions and apps via the Fabia is... Name of the game is economy, smooth & quiet switch for a period. The stop-start is there to salvage something from the debacle had this done at 3000 miles, no problems from! Publishing Limited 2020 the electrics chipped from 100bhp to 140bhp - had this done at 3000 miles, regrets. Touches, and this is my 2nd Fabia, the Skoda Fabia vRS ( -! Our last car, and I expect decent residuals too great discount TDI with 105.... This, and I got mine with front and rear parking sensors that great! Be practical too the problems are such that you can ’ t on. On sale diesel engine, offering class-leading space for both passengers and.! Is where the Fabia ’ s diesel engine, offering just three 1.0-litre petrol units sits a! Reviews and on a smooth slip road off the A14 dual carriageway this model comes climate! Pleasing noise on acceleration, but that ’ s the best feature years back, in part to. And deals are all the ingredients to be crude car has an excellent engineering....

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